Interns Wanted

Carbon Voyage is looking for a marketing or PR guru with entrepreneurial flair and a passion for the environment to join our team. If you are interested, please contact careers [a] carbonvoyage [dot] com.

While KPIs will be based on individual skills and experience, responsibilities are likely to include:

-Assist with managing website copy and contributing to the company’s blog.

-Communicating with customers via social networking platforms and newsletters.

-Drafting press releases.

-Drafting of marketing material for business.

-Assist with customer relations and monitoring customer behaviour.

Knowledge, Skills & Qualifications

Must have:
-Excellent communication skills and writing abilities.
-Technologically savvy with a high comfort level in the use and application of information and communication technology.

-Marketing or communications related studies or experience. There are B2C and B2B elements to the business, so experience in either will be valuable.
-Experience in the environment and/or transport sector, particularly major environmental reports, policies and carbon accounting methodologies.
-Experience in provision of customer support.

Other requirements
-It is essential that this person at the very least have an interest in and awareness of green/CSR issues.
-UK based at present.

Persona/ style/ demeanour
-A can-do attitude, who is undeterred by obstacles
-Strong work ethic and very professional
-Extroverted; able to assist in representing the company in a large audience.
-Something of an entrepreneurial spirit with a readiness to work flexibly given the start-up nature of the business.

Why might this person want to join the venture?
-Belief in the concept of the venture
-Strongly committed to green agenda and ventures that support such
-Strongly committed to making a difference to a more sustainable provision of transport services, both here in the UK and globally
-Excitement of being a part of a new start-up venture

Initially, the role will be offered on an agreed expenses only basis.  The role is anticipated to be equivalent to approximately 1.5 days per week.

Role to be located:
The office is located in Shoreditch; however, the business is run virtually, so the majority of work can be done at home. Occasional visits to customer locations in London may be required.

About jcswanston
Army officer, entrepreneur, environmentalist

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